1.  He’s a man
  2. He’s a man
  3. He’s a man
  4. He’s a man
  5. He’s a man
  6. He’s a man
  7. He’s a man
  8. He’s a man
  9. He’s a man
  10. He’s a man

    If your husband is a man and has a penis he has thought of cheating on you. Whether he has acted on those thoughts or not is not always clear.

    There are a few common traits in husbands who stray. Let’s take a look…

    1. You have been married for more than a year.
    2. He is good looking.
    3. You have had a child.
    4. You have put on weight.
    5. You have cheated on him (he may want revenge)
    6. He has money.
    7. He travels for business.
    8. He works with attractive females.
    9. He watches porn.
    10. He no longer wants to have sex with you.

    If you recognize a few of these signs you may want to keep tabs on your husband. You may even consider doing a loyalty test to test his faith. Nowadays there are professional services that will do this for you for an affordable fee such as testhisloyalty.com and baitmydate.com

    The online honeytrap services work but be prepared to read some things that may disturb you. These services flirt with your partner online and report back to you with screen shots of the conversations.

Boyfriend Loyalty Test

Boyfriend Loyalty Test
Boyfriend Loyalty Test

Perhaps you have heard of the “honeytrap” it is when a person hires someone to physically meet and attempt to seduce your partner as a way to test their loyalty.  These private investigation services are somewhat rare and are usually only offered in large cities and the price can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars for the service.

Thanks to the Internet and the way we meet and flirt with people online these days, a new version of the honeytrap service is available. Services like BaitMyDate  offer to test your partner’s loyalty online using Facebook Messenger or Instagram.

Liars are Cheaters!

Liars are Cheaters!
Liars are Cheaters!

After spending enough time with the person you are dating you will eventually find out if they are prone to lying. Now pretty much everyone tells a white lie here and there but once you have caught your partner in a major lie, such as their whereabouts etc, then take a close look at how well they told the lie. Someone people are bad liars, and bad liars are usually people who rarely lie. But if your partner can tell you a grand fish tale without blinking an eye then you have reason to suspect they are very capable of cheating.

There are two types of people in this world. Honest people with morals who are empathetic and then there are the selfish and psychopathic ones who feel no remorse and essentially couldn’t give a flying fuck if what they are doing is wrong, as long as they don’t get caught.

If you are constantly being lied to and worst if the person lying to you pulls it off like an Oscar award winning actor than my advice is to run for the hills. They may not have cheated yet, but your lying spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend  simply may not have had the opportunity. The minute a good looking person hits on them when you aren’t around or as soon as a new sexy co-worker moves into their office space – look out!

I am a firm believer that you always need some type of evidence before accusing anyone of anything, so just because you are involved with a liar don’t go accusing them of cheating. That’s where services like baitmydate come in handy. For only $37.95 they will use good looking people to approach your partner on Facebook Messenger and flirt with them to see if they flirt back.

They say that 1 in 5 adults flirt online behind their partners back so using this “honeytrap” method to test their loyalty is extremely effective in this digital age.


cheating husband
cheating husband shamed

The answer to your question is: If you think your husband is cheating – he probably is!

A new study indicates that nearly 90% of woman who truly thought their husband was cheating despite having no physical evidence were right. On the other hand almost 75% of woman who felt their husband would not cheat were also correct. The second statistic shows that men are capable of pulling the wool over our eyes at times but for the most part what these statistics teach us is that you should trust your instinct.

If you are suspicious of your partner check out the services at baitmydate.com  You can have a good looking female flirt with your husband or boyfriend on facebook to see if they would take the bait.